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A photo of the USS Current belt buckle that was available for sale in the ship's store. Photo courtesy of CS2 Gary Jenson.
Current's ship's bell was recently located at Highlands High School in San Antonio, Texas. Tom Wetzler, from the University of Texas was working at Highlands High School, found the USS Current website and sent an email with the photo. The bell is on lease to the high school from the Navy. A special thanks to Tom Wetzler for locating the bell.
  SN Rick Sasser on Current 1967.
    SFP3 Howard Caires doing some repairs at sea.
  Lookout SN Walt Dyer standing watch on Current's Signal Deck.
     HMC (DV) Richard "Doc" Nuttall   1964-1969
  EM3 Erik Nelson with a camera on Current. 1967
Current with APL-26 at Pearl Harbor en-route to Vung Tau, Vietnam. January 1967. Current arrived in Vung Tau February 22, 1967.
BMSN Mike Rieker being prepared for a dive. Left to right, EN2 John King, HMC Doc Nuttall, QM1 Willie Wilson ( back to camera ) and DC1 Charlie Fox. Guy on the far right is RD3 Pat Patterson. Bremerton, Washington. Water temperature 45. December 1966.
SN Bob Willette and SA Mike Rieker after a evening of festivities in Olongapo, February 1967. Photo courtesy of Mike Rieker.
ETN2 Jim Vasko working on a RBC radio receiver in the ET Shack on     Current 1967.
       SK2 Pete Banayad and SK1 Walter Blansett at work in their office.
      RM2 Jeff Jugar on watch, transmitting messages from Current's radio shack, 1967.
  Remember those long, slow Quarter Deck watches in the middle of the night? Photo courtesy of LT. Dennis Patrick.
Current's navigator LT Keith Roberts and assistant navigator QM1 Warren Wilson updating Current's  course and position during transit to Vung Tau, Vietnam from Bremerton, Washington with APL-26 in tow. 1967.
 A full sized photo of MV Amastra sunken at the POL moorings, Nha Trang, Vietnam, April 1967.
 Another photo taken of the sunken MV Amastra.
 A volunteer Amastra crew returning to Amastra to assist in mooring SS Kara to Amastra to offload JP-4 cargo.
 SS Kara moored to the sunken Amastra to offload a cargo of JP-4 aviation fuel from Amastra.
A starboard view of the sunken M/V Amastra. Photo courtesy of Mike Jackson, Radio Officer of Amastra.                   FLASH EARTH LOCATION OF M/V AMASTRA SALVAGE OPERATION
  Aerial view of Nha Trang Harbor,  location of MV Amastra's mining and sinking. Submitted by Jim Vasko.
A stern view of the sunken Royal Dutch Shell oil tanker M/V Amastra. Photo by CMDR George Giganti, Captain USS Current. April 1967. More Amastra photos at  USS CURRENT PHOTOS
  An aerial view of the location of the Dong Nai Dredge salvage operation. April 1967. Photo submitted by Jim Vasko.
Photo of Current divers SM2 Terry Gilmore, EM2 Garland Stanley and EN2 John King with a catch of Red Snapper. They used a "little too much" C-4 explosives to clear tangled cable and debris from the sunken Dong Nai Dredge during the salvage operation in the Mekong Delta near Vung Tau, Vietnam. The Red Snapper came to the surface and were quickly netted. Fresh Red Snapper was on the dinner menu that evening. April 1967. FLASH EARTH LOCATION OF THE DONG NAI DREDGE SINKING
PN2 Furney Locke and ETR3 Jeff House on Current's fantail during Amastra salvage operations at Nha Trang, Vietnam. April 1967.
LTJG Vince Weis attaching a tow cable to the tail section of a C-141 aircraft that crashed in Camh Ranh Bay, Vietnam. April 1967
A US Air Force C-141 Starlifter jet engine is lifted aboard Current's fantail for inspection to determine the cause of the crash.  Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam April 1967. Photo submitted by Mark Lusink. More C-141 photos at   USS CURRENT PHOTOS
This Army LCM-8, chained to Current's keel, was transported 85 miles down the coast of Vietnam from  Duc Pho Beach to Qui Nhon. An Army floating crane was waiting in Qui Nhon Harbor to lift it to the pier, May 1967. More Cap Mia photos at     USS CURRENT PHOTOS
      Aerial view of Duc Pho Beach, location of LCM-6 salvage operations.
The battleship USS New Jersey BB-62 can be seen seaward of Current during the Cap Mia LCM-8 salvage operation. The battleship fired its 16 inch guns over Current to hit enemy targets inland Vietnam. The concussion of the firing guns could be felt on Current. May 1967.
 Does this view look familiar? Photo by Jim Vasko 1967.
  USS Current's Diving Officer LTJG Mark Lusink 1965-1967.
 A Current diver at the 10 foot decompression stop. Photo submitted by Lt. Mark Lusink. 1967
 A photo of Current's stern taken by one of the ship's divers.
SS Minot Victory aground on North Reef, Paracel Islands. May 1967. More Minot Victory photos available  at                     USS CURRENT PHOTOS   FLASH EARTH LOCATION OF THE MINOT VICTORY GROUNDING


 Current with tow cable attached to SS Minot Victory awaiting high tide. May 1967.
    Positions of ships involved during the Minot Victory salvage operation. May 1967
SFMFN Freddie Fullwood and SA Forbes  splicing nylon line that is being prepared as the messenger to pull Current's tow wire to the stern of the SS Minot Victory. May 1967.
SS Cosmos Trader aground in the mud flats of Coconut Bay, Vung Tau, Vietnam, June 1967. On scene when Current arrived were HCU-1's lift craft YLLC-1 and YMLC-7. Photo by Jim Vasko
We were proud of our accomplishments. Returning home to Pearl Harbor on July 20, 1967 from West Pac after six successful salvage operations. Current was awarded the Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation for the successful salvage operations. See the Commendation letter in  CURRENT DOCUMENTS
On Christmas Eve 1967 Current received a distress call from the grounded USS Guardfish SSN-612. A navigational error caused the Guardfish to miss the Pearl Harbor Channel sea buoys and grounded on coral on the starboard side of the channel. Current was underway at 2300 from Alpha Piers at Pearl Harbor and arrived on scene to render assistance. These aerial photos show Current's workboat arriving with the Comservpac Salvage officer and Current's Salvage Officer preparing to board Guardfish.
     USS Guardfish SSN-612 aground at the entrance to Pearl Harbor
      USS Guardfish SSN-612
Captain George Giganti accepts the Meritorious Unit Commendation Award and Pennant on behalf of the crew of USS Current. The award was presented by Rear Admiral Walter V. Combs, COMSERVPAC, Commander Service Force Pacific Fleet during formal ceremonies at the Pearl Harbor Naval Station. July 1968.
Photo of Captain George Giganti and Captain Robert F. Reilly, COMSERVRON FIVE, Commander Service Squadron Five during the Meritorious Unit Commendation Award Ceremony. July 1968
Commander Lilly, Chief of Staff, COMSERVRON FIVE, presents Captain Giganti the 1968 Ney Award to USS Current for excellence in food service. 1968.
   SM2 (DV) Terry Gilmore receiving the Navy Achievement Award from Captain George Giganti.
   CSC Vincente "Chuck" Chargualaf receiving the Navy Achievement Award from Captain Giganti.
   QM1 (DV) Warren Wilson receiving the Navy Achievement Award from Captain Giganti.
   SF1 (DV) Ellis receiving the Navy Achievement Award from Captain Giganti.
   BMC Tom Dooley receiving the Navy Achievement Award from Captain Giganti.
   Captain's inspection on Current 1968.
   Current off of the Honolulu coast during local operations, 1967.
A recent photo of the captured USS Pueblo AGER-2 at a dock in Pyongyang, North Korea. During negotiations to free the ship and crew, Current was on stand by to tow the Pueblo from Wonson Harbor to San Francisco in 1968.
The grounded ferro-cement hull of ex-tanker YOS-30 on Kalohi reef, Lanai, Hawaii. Current and all of the salvage ships and fleet tugs based at Pearl Harbor used the YOS for Beach Gear and tow wire rigging training exercises.
A Universal Test Vehicle ( UTV ) being delivered to a B-52 bomber on the tarmac at the Barber's Point Naval Air Station.
The Universal Test Vehicle being loaded into the bomb bay of a B-52 bomber. The simulated nuclear weapon was dropped over a target zone at Kingman Reef. Current was the recovery ship. 1967.
An aerial view of the ship anchorage and Cooper Island, Palmyra Atoll. The overgrown abandoned WWII Naval Air Station runway can be seen in the distance. More photos at   USS CURRENT PHOTOS
      An aerial view of Palmyra Atoll
A partial view of the triangular shaped Kingman Reef, approximately 33 nautical miles northwest of Palmyra Atoll. The entire reef was submerged at high tide when this photo was taken, with the exception of two sand bars. Current entered the lagoon on arrival at Kingman Reef. More photos at  USS CURRENT PHOTOS
The food was excellent on Current. Photo is ETN2 Jim Vasko and PN2 Furney Locke, 1968. Photo submitted courtesy of PNC Furney Locke.
Current's commissarymen were awarded the 1967 Ney Award for their excellence in food service. Current was singled out as the winner among twenty-one Service Force Pacific Fleet ships. In the photo left to right are Nool, SN Koski, CS2 Gary Goode and CSC Vincente "Chuck" Chargualaf. March 1968.
    ETN2 Jim Vasko departs USS Current for separation, April 1968.
Family Day on Current prior to West Pac departure. Some of Current's crew on the fantail, 1968. From the left, PN2 Furney Locke, his wife Eva and son Earl, DC3 Mark Conrad, EN3 Richard Hightower on bottom left of picture. Photo submitted courtesy of PNC ( retired ) Furney Locke. Other names not known at this time.
Family Day on USS Current prior to 1968 West Pac deployment. In the photo is CS2 Gary Jenson and friend. In the background is PN2 Furney Locke, his wife Eva and son Earl. Photo courtesy of Gary Jenson.
EN2 John King's diving equipment being prepared for a dive. Assisting John is QM1 Warren Wilson, BM2 Jack Steffen and in the forefront with the hat is HMC Doc Nuttall. Photo courtesy of EM3 Rick Shugert.
 Honolulu Newspaper article about the grounding of the SS Beaver Victory. January 12, 1968.
Officer of the Deck LTJG Dennis Patrick on the starboard bridge wing when Current arrived on scene to assume the towing of the Lindenwood Victory from the USS Wainwright DLG-28. Photo courtesy of LT. Dennis Patrick. October 1968.
Current is preparing to take the Victory Ship SS Lindenwwod Victory in tow. Current was called to the scene after the Lindenwood Victory lost power and was in danger of going aground 200 hundred miles south of Japan. October 1968. More Lindenwood Victory photos at    USS CURRENT PHOTOS
  Photo of EM3 Rick Shugert on liberty at Waikiki Beach, 1968. Photo submitted by Rick Shugert.
SM2 Terry Gilmore giving the bridge railings a fresh coat of paint. Photo courtesy of LT Dennis Patrick.
SN Koski, CSC Chuck Chargualaf and CS2 Gary Goode preparing Thanksgiving dinner on Current. November 1968. Photo courtesy of LT Dennis Patrick.
 Photo of Current's fantail with beach gear cable. Photo submitted by Dick Sheehan.
Current's tow wire is attached to USNS LST-600 aground on Kanno Se Reef at the entrance to Naha Bay, Okinawa. January 1969. More LST-600 photos at  USS CURRENT PHOTOS  Photo submitted by Gary Goode.
Repairs being made to the petroleum offloading buoy off of Ching Chuan Kang Air Force Base at Taichung, Taiwan. Divers unknown.
CLASSIFIED BMC (DV) Larry Manini suited up for a dive.
Photo of Current's helmsman taken from the cat walk.
LTJG Ed Bock and ETN2 Lemo doing a classified burn.
MR1 Bob Arnold ships over, Hawaiian style. Captain Bradshaw administers the oath. More re-enlistment photos at    USS CURRENT PHOTOS
Photo of MR1 (DV) Bob Arnold and his diving partner QM1 (DV) Warren Wilson returning to Current's fantail after a training dive. Photo courtesy of Bob Arnold.
  MR1 (DV) Bob Arnold working the lathe in the machine shop. 1970. Photo submitted by Bob Arnold.
  MRC (DV)  Bob Arnold
    CS2 Gary Goode & SFM1 Taplin with islanders at Faraulep Lagoon, Caroline Islands, November 1969.
    CS2 Gary Goode at the top of a coconut tree on Faraulep Atoll, Caroline Islands. November 1969.
LTJG Dennis Patrick, Captain Bradshaw, ETN2 Robin Lemo, RM2 Ken Noble, SN Sprague and QM3 Frady during Captain's Inspection.
  SN Redman, SK1 Niegas, SK3 Jacobs, SK2 Donohoe. 1969.
    RMC Ken Seaman & RM2 Ken Noble off Vietnam, November 1969.
    Current in an uncharted typhoon in the Taiwan Straits. 1969
    GMG2 Braisher & RM2 Ken Noble on the fantail, 1969.
    SM2 Andy "Chico" Carrera working the signal light, 1969
Darlene Manini, BMC (DV) Larry Manini and Captain Bradshaw on USS Current. BMC Manini was presented the Excellence in Leadership Award. 1969.
            BMC Larry Manini with his parents.
    Captain Bradshaw with leaders of Faraulep Atoll, Caroline Islands. 1969. Photo courtesy of Ken Seaman. November 1969.
     BM1 Manini & BM3 Pomizzi on the work boat taking booty from Caroline Islands, November 1969.
Current diver BM1 Larry Manini returning to the ship after repair work on the POL buoy at Ching Chuun Kang Air Force Base, Taiwan. January 1970. More POL Buoy photos at   USS CURRENT PHOTOS
CS2 Gary Goode, IC3 Sam Pitts and DC3 Mark Conrad off Vietnam 1969. Photo courtesy of Gary Goode.
    IC3 Sam Pitts on Current's fantail preparing for a dive.
Photo of Gary Goode and other crew members on Current's fantail. Current was repairing the Petroleum Offloading Buoy at the Ching Chuun Kang Air Force Base, Taiwan. December 1969. Photo submitted by Gary Goode. More POL buoy photos at     USS CURRENT PHOTOS
Current's work boats being readied for Ammo Barge Salvops at Danang. A barge carrying pallets of 500 lb. bombs sank in Da Nang Harbor, April 1970. Current divers assisted HCU-1 divers with the recovery operation. More ammo barge salvage photos at    USS CURRENT PHOTOS
    Beach gear prepared on Currents fantail for LCM-6  salvage operation, December 1969.
    BM3 Billy Cisneros during ammo barge salvops, Danang, Vietnam December 1969
     Joe Foss, Doc Drake, Larry Manini & " Big T " Fitzgerald. 1970
    EM2 John Swoford on the Quarter Deck. 1970.
     Ken Noble ships over for 6 years at Sasebo, Japan. Spring 1970
Current anchored in Hong Kong Harbor during 1970 - 1971 West Pac cruise. Photo taken by LTJG Dick Sheehan from a water taxi.
Current's XO Bailey  standing on the pier with the listing SS Green Bay in the background. August 1971. Photo taken by Dick Sheehan.
     Dick Sheehan on the pier at Qui Nhon with the listing SS Green Bay in the background. August 1971
   A B'osn mate at work "white leading"  the support  cables on Current's forward mast. Photo by Dick Sheehan.
    Diver's equipment being adjusted in preparation for a dive. Photo submitted by Dick Sheehan
    A Current diver going over the side, 1969 - 1970 West Pac cruise. Photo submitted by Dick Sheehan.
    Swim Call from Current's fantail, West Pac 1970. Photo submitted by Ed Bock.
    RMC Ken Seaman with ETN2 Robin Lemmo and RM2 Ken Noble. Danang, 1970. Photo submitted by Ed Bock.
    50 Caliber machine gun training on the fantail. Photo by Dick Sheehan.
    ENC Ferguson ships over for 6 years. Captain Bradshaw administers oath. DCC George Johnson witnesses.
     Current with Aloha Lei after return to Pearl Harbor from 1971 West Pac Cruise.


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