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      1944 - 1966



The Basalt Rock Company Shipyard, Napa, California. Photo taken at the end of World War Two.
An aerial view of the former Basalt Rock Company Shipyard. On the bottom left of the photo are the four dry-docks used to build the ARS fleet of ships. On the left of the picture is the Napa River where the ARS hulls were floated down to the San Francisco Bay for outfitting. Aerial photo taken May 2012. Photo submitted by Jim Vasko.
USS Clamp ARS-33 being launched into the Napa River at the Basalt Rock Company Shipyard, Napa, California 1942. A newly constructed ARS was floated down the Napa River to San Francisco Bay to be outfitted at Oakland, Alameda or Mare Island.              ARS CONSTRUCTION AT BASALT ROCK COMPANY  Photo submitted by Jim Vasko
USS Houston CL-81 being tandem towed by Current and USS Zuni ATF-95. USS Canberra CA-70 in background being tandem towed by ATR-50 and SS Watch Hill. October 1944. More battle damage photos at    USS CURRENT PHOTOS
   Current's crew mustered on the fantail for the Navy Commendation awards ceremony.
Captain James Duffy receiving the Navy Commendation Medal for the successful salvage of USS  Canberra and USS Houston. See the citation at   USS CURRENT DOCUMENTS
Current assisted with firefighting on the USS Randolph after a Kamikaze attack on March 11, 1945 at Ulithi Atoll. The hull repair ship USS Jason ARH-1 is alongside Randolph.
Current towed Japanese submarine I-201 to Pearl Harbor after the Japanese surrender. January 1946
  Japanese submarine I-201
 The sunken Japanese Submarine I-201 found off of Barbers Point, Hawaii.
Japanese submarine I-203 towed to Pearl Harbor January 1946.
Current arriving in San Francisco Bay for overhaul at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, February 1946, with Measure One Camouflage, a dark gray hull.  Photo courtesy of Bill Beach, crewmember 1946.

A aerial view of Current at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Current was there for upkeep during the month of March 1946 in preparation for the Bikini atomic tests, Operation Crossroads. Photo taken March 28, 1946. More Current shipyard photos at    USS CURRENT PHOTOS


After WWII the German cruiser Prinz Eugen was used as a target ship for the Operation Crossroads atomic bomb tests. She survived the Able and Baker tests, but was too radioactive to have leaks repaired. In September 1946, she was towed to Kwajalein Atoll and capsized on December 22, 1946 over Enubuj Reef, where she remains to this day.
On August 30, 1945, following the Japanese surrender, Nagato, the last surviving Japanese battleship, was boarded and secured by American sailors from the USS Horace A. Bass LPR-124. In March 1946 she was taken to Bikini Atoll for Operation Crossroads. She was in such poor repair that on the way she  had to be towed to Eniwetok Atoll for emergency repairs.
The "Baker" test. The underwater detonation of an atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll. Operation Crossroads. July 1946. More  Operation Crossroads photos at   USS CURRENT PHOTOS
       CM3 Pete Irvin's letter home from the Marshall Islands. July 1946.
          Pete Irvin's Operation Crossroads participation card. 1946.
The Bikini Boys reunion. Pete Irvin, Larry Leighty and Bill Beach. June 2006. They served together on USS Current in 1946 during the atomic tests at Bikini Atoll. Their first reunion since 1946.
CM3 Pete Irvin and shipmates on liberty. 1946.  More photos from Pete Irvin's Photo Album.  See more of Pete Irvin's photos at  USS CURRENT PHOTOS
Some of Current's crew during Operation Crossroads, the atomic tests at Bikini Atoll, 1946. Bill Beach, front row, 2nd from right. Photo courtesy of Bill Beach. More Operation Crossroads photos at USS CURRENT PHOTOS
Current's crew mustered on the fantail during the re commissioning ceremony on October 10, 1951. Photo submitted courtesy of Charles Wilhite member of the 1951 re commissioning crew.

A Photo of Current taken on October 10, 1951 after the re commissioning at  San Diego. Photo submitted courtesy of Charles Wilhite.


SS Quartette hard aground on Pearl and Hermes Reef. December 1952. More Quartette grounding Photos at  USS CURRENT PHOTOS    Quartette grounding photos courtesy of LCDR Steve Biespiel.
Charles Wilhite ENFN on left with two of his Current shipmates. 1952. Photo submitted by Charles Wilhite
 Charles Wilhite ENFN, on the left with D. I. Grossnickle and Current's mascot 1952.
   SN Jack Herring standing Quarter Deck Watch on Current 1952.
   Current and Abnaki ATF-96 during local ops off Oahu, Hawaii. 1953.
Captain Milton Hill in coveralls during officer initiation on Current 1953. Photo courtesy of Jack Herring.
      Captain Milton Hill being prepared for a dive. 1953
Some of the divers from Current, Deliver ARS-23 and Conserver ARS-39 that worked on the Cornhusker Mariner 1953. Photo courtesy of L. G. McCutcheon, crewmember USS Deliver ARS-23. More Cornhusker Mariner photos at USS CURRENT PHOTOS
Current at Chumujin, Korea relieving USS Bolster 1953. Photo taken by Lynn Miller SK3 from the deck of USS Bolster ARS-38.
   EM3 Herb Calhoun during Arctic Dew Line re-supply, Blue Nose Initiation. 1956.
   Herb Calhoun & Keith Cathcart
EM2 Percy Lacour & IC2 Elmer Schnittker during 1956 Dew Line re-supply. Photo by Herb Calhoun.
Some of Current's crew during Blue Nose initiation in the Arctic, 1956. Photo by Herb Calhoun.
Some of Current's crew during Blue Nose Initiation, 1956. Photo submitted by Herb Calhoun.
A drawing by EM3 Bill Millbrant of Current's Electricians Mates  during the 1956 Dew Line re-supply.
    Current's divers 1956 to 1958. Photo submitted by Captain Jerry Stangl.
     Photo of YN2 Robert Free taken on the fantail, 1957. Photo courtesy of Bobby Free.
Gene Phillips, Vaughn Mann, Charlie Lay and BM3 Herrera. Yokosuka, Japan 1957. Photo courtesy of Vaughn Mann
Vaughn "Ken" Mann, Charlie Lay & Ron "Sam" Broedling on liberty, Yokosuka, Japan 1957. Photo submitted by Vaughn Mann.
    Photo of EN2 (DV) Ron "Bud" Warbis in the center of picture. 1957
    Photo of EN2 (DV) Ron Warbis in the Engineering berthing compartment. 1957
Aircraft recovery off Luzon, P.I. Plane went down in about 80 feet of water. The two man crew was taken ashore by the Hucks after taking all their clothes except shorts and jewelry.The clock and compass were gone and every piece of the canopy was broken. Photo courtesy of EN2 DV Ron "Bud" Warbis. 1957.
   Aircraft lifted aboard Current and tied down to the fantail. Photo by Ron "Bud" Warbis.
   Current's crew hard at work on the fantail. Photo by Ron "Bud" Warbis.
XO Dick Harrington at Quarters for Inspection. Ship's yeoman is to his left. Name unknown at this time. 1957. Photo submitted by Dick Harrington.
    SN Bishop, Mitchell, Gutherie and Silk in the Forward berthing compartment. 1958
 Newsletter story congratulating Current's gun crew on the Battle Efficiency " E " award.
Current's gun crew won the Battle Efficiency " E " award for outstanding performance and accuracy on the 40mm Battery. 1958. Photo submitted by BM2 Ernie Shea.
A Marine Corp AD-6 Skyraider raised by Current, June 1957 between the islands of Honshu & Kyushu, Japan. Photo by Vaughn Mann.
   The SS Alaska Bear aground near Yokosuka, Japan 1957. Photo by Vaughn Mann.
Photo of RD3 Bob Schoenburg on the fantail of Current. 1958. Photo courtesy of Bob Schoenburg.
An aerial view of the collision between the USS Silverstein and USS Stickleback. May 1958. More collision photos available at  USS CURRENT PHOTOS
Captain Stangl's farewell address to the crew at the Change of Command Ceremony. Captain Minard, in the background, assumed command of Current May 1958.
   Captain Stangl departs Current after the Change of Command Ceremony, May 1958
USS Prestige MSO-465 hard aground on the rocks and down by the bow on  August 23, 1958. The Prestige went aground while transiting the Naruto Channel at Naka Se, Japan. Current arrived to assist the crew and to destroy the unsalvageable minesweeper. Photo courtesy of BM2 Ernie Shea. More USS Prestige photos available at   USS CURRENT PHOTOS
A depth sounding image of Pago Pago Harbor showing the submerged hull of USS Chehalis AOG-48  conducted in 2001. USS Current conducted a salvage survey of the sunken Chehalis in 1959. Read the story of the fire and the sinking of the Chehalis,  The Slow Death of the Chehalis   by Paul Gryniewicz.
Current at anchor in Pago Pago Harbor, American Samoa. March 1959. Photo submitted by Jim Gaffney.
BM2 Ernie Shea relaxing on deck of USS Current at Pago Pago, Samoa. More Pago Pago photos available at   USS CURRENT PHOTOS
    BM3 Robert Bryan standing Quarter Deck Watch at Pago Pago, Samoa. 1959.
A news story about the M/V Beaverbank grounding from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, July 12, 1959. More news stories and Beaverbank photos at  USS CURRENT PHOTOS
Current raising midget sub from Keehi Lagoon, July 1960. Photo submitted by EN3 John Bauer. More Japanese sub salvage photos at   USS CURRENT PHOTOS 


    Current divers during the Japanese Midget Sub HA-18 salvage operation. July 1960
    Current's ship's patch. Submitted by EN3 John Bauer.
    Current's ship's patch. Submitted by ETN2 Jim Vasko.
    EN3 Jerry Spickler on Liberty in Hong Kong. 1963.
EN3 Jerry Spickler on watch in the motor room 1960. Photo submitted by EN3 John Bauer.
     EN3 George Hartnagel and EN2 John Bauer relaxing on the fantail.
    John Bauer relaxing on Current's fantail, 1960
    John Bauer, 1962
    ENFN John Bauer by the bunks in the Engineering Berthing Compartment, 1960.
    Charles Heatherly & Tom Wren in the Engineering berthing Compartment, 1960.
During the return to Pearl Harbor from the 1961 West Pac deployment, a false flooding alarm was activated on a tug that Current was towing from Kwajalein. The workboat was lowered to inspect the tug. On the return to Current from the tow, the captain erroneously instructed the workboat engineer, Jerry Spickler, to attach a davit hook improperly. As the workboat was being raised, the hook slipped and the workboat hit the water as well as Jerry. Photo submitted by John Bauer.
Some of the engine room crew on the beach ar Makaha, Hawaii. 1961.  Dwight Morgan, Ozzie Osmon, Arduane and two Hawaiian girls.
Some of the Engineering Department at the New White Bar, Sasebo, Japan. 1962. Back row, Jerry Spickler, Hatsuko Kaketsuka with John Bauer, Dwight Morgan. EM2 Walter Beckman is far right back row. Photo courtesy of EN3 John Bauer.
EN3 John Bauer with a piston assembly from one of Current's Cooper Bessemer main engines, 1961.
Tom Campbell & Ron Bromley celebrating Tom's 22nd birthday at the Sky Bar, Olongapo, Philippines, 1962. Photo submitted by Tom Campbell.

Photo taken from Current's fantail of another ARS returning from West Pac to the Sub Base at Pearl. 1962 or 1963. Photo courtesy of Tom Campbell.


Underway refueling detail in Current's main engine room. MR3 Dave Nowak, EN3 Jim Wilson, EN3 Frenchy Guevremont  and FN Ozzie Osman.  Photo courtesy of Francyllen "Smitty" Smith.
   George Hartnagel EN3 and "Smitty" Smith at Yokosuka, Japan 1963.
Captain Fonville's missing coffee mug was mysteriously found at Francyllen "Smitty" Smith's home after he left Current, 1963.
Dave Nowak "Dummer" MR2, Vernon Walters "Weasel" EN3 and Francyllen "Smitty" Smith at Pearl Harbor 1963.
Dave Nowak MR3 and "Smitty" Smith EN3 at Pearl Harbor 1963. Photo by "Smitty" Smith.
Richard Sansaver EM1, George Hartnagel EN3, Lee Hall FN, Jerry Spickler EN3 and Smokey Weager EM3 on liberty in Hong Kong 1963.
Current and Deliver ARS-23 raising scuttled former Navy Sub Chaser USS PC-485 during salvage training exercise at Guam. May 1964.
EN1 Ray Haas, MR1 Lane and SF1 Al Sargent on liberty in Hong Kong 1964. Photo submitted by ENC Ray Haas.
DC1 Jerome "Charlie" Fox, HMC Richard "Doc" Nuttall, in the diving gear and EM2 John Meyers. 1964. Photo submitted courtesy of ENC Ray Haas. 
This Mahi Mahi was caught between Hawaii and Guam underway to West Pac 1964. Captain Fonville slowed the ship so the catch could be reeled in.   Photo courtesy of ENC Ray Haas.
This patch was designed by Dave Nowak MR2 during the 1964 West Pac cruise. All of Current's Engineers wore it on their work jackets. Patch submitted courtesy of "Smitty" Smith.
   Photo of the Comservpac logo taken from Current's Wardroom table cover.
    Operation Sailor Hat August 1965
    Photo of Comservron 5 logo taken from Current's Wardroom table cover.
Left to right, Reggie "Frenchie" Rivera, Ed Waycaster, Elton Thomas and Jerry Shepherd. Photo courtesy of Jerry Shepherd. 1966
Carl Kerstetter and Ron Bromley on liberty in West Pac. Photo submitted by Jerry Shepherd. 1966
Some of Current's crew on liberty in Kobe, Japan. Left to right, Al Sargent, Doc Nuttall, Jerry Shepherd, Richard Pappe, Richard Hightower, Robert Nolan, Brian Eget. Photo courtesy of Jerry Shepherd. January 1966
 Photo taken while Current was at anchor during the Whaling Spree at Lahaina, Maui. From left to right, Jerome Fox, Martin, Mendoza, Sogum (sp). Photo submitted courtesy of Jerry Shepherd.
Current departing Sasebo, Japan for Pusan, Korea with LST in tow. Ensign John Klotz and BMC Camiel DeZutter inspect the tow wire and bridle, January 1966.   Photo by Jim Vasko.
    SM1 Terry Gilmore using the light. 1966.
    LTJG Larry Hachtel preparing for a dive. 1966.
USS Current at the fuel pier, Midway Island, February 1966, returning to Pearl Harbor from the 1965-1966 West Pac cruise. Photo by Jim Vasko.
 Captain Chuck Fuld and XO Cliburn on the fo'c'sle, beach gear rigged for a two point mooring for precision anchoring of scientific capsules during Project Tamarin off the Kailua, Kona Coast of Hawaii, 1966. Photo by Jim Vasko.
Current off Kailua-Kona, Hawaii for Project Tamarin. The fantail photo shows one of the two orange instrument capsules that Current anchored 800 feet below the surface in 2400 fathoms of water. Project Tamarin was a scientific study to monitor earthquakes and their relationship to volcanic activity in Hawaii, 1966. Photo taken by Jim Vasko.
 ETN3 Jim Vasko and BMSN Mike Rieker drinking Beer on liberty in Lahaina, Maui. Current anchored in the Auau Channel for diver re-qualifications. 1966.
 Current's officers, December 1965 at Sasebo, Japan. Submitted by EN2 Tom Jarboe. More 1965-1966 crew photos at USS CURRENT PHOTOS
   Operations Department, January 1966, Sasebo, Japan
 LTJG John Klotz one of Current's divers training Nationalist Chinese and Korean divers during Current's 1965-1966 WestPac deployment.




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